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In 1945 the Malba Town Crier began its circulation on a monthly basis. This publication served to unite and inform the community. Sadly, it was printed for only 31 issues through December, 1945. Since then, The Malba New & Views has been faithfully serving the community. It is the tool used to post news of upcoming events, to express view points and to record the history of Malba. The newspaper is run by The Malba Field and Marine Club volunteers and residents who contribute articles, solicit advertisers, gather information, take pictures, paste, print and hand deliver each issue. Anyone interested in helping in the production of this publication is welcomed. If you would like to contribute an article or make an announcement, you can contact our Editors Aphrodite and Taso Mirisis here or call 718 746-8342

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Friday July 19, 2024

Bridge view from Malba

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